Type of Water

Microbiological Testing for:





Pharma Products

as per applicable guidelines

Swab Testing:

Type of Swab - Surface swabs, Equipment swabs, hand swabs, Apron/ Uniform swabs

Kitchen & Food contact surfaces

Hand Swab of Food handlers

Kitchen Hygiene standard setting for Hotels, Restaurants & Caterers

Food safety is essential part of Hotel & Catering industry.
Contamination by microorganisms may take place at any stage of food processing / preparation.

Food hygiene is becoming a subject of interest and safety and the concerned should take care of maintaining hygiene right from procurement of raw material to cooking area to Utensils to platform to distribution and serving of all types of food.

Kitchen Hygiene standard setting and maintaining it with periodic inspection has become an essential area.

  Regular inspection of Food storage area, food preparation areas, serving areas

  Kitchen Equipments cleanliness standards

  Waste disposal mechanism & process

  Utensil washing

  Food Handling methods

  Personal Hygiene of staff in the kitchen