Type of Food

  •   All Cooked & Uncooked Food
    (From kitchens of Hotels, Private Canteens, Catering Service providers, Corporate canteens etc)

  •   Fruits, Vegetables and its products
    Fresh, Raw, dried frozen, processed, Thermally processed, bottled canned, dehydrated powders (includes Jam , Jelly, Squashes, Crush Syrup, Fruit Juice, Pickles etc)

  •   Milk & Dairy Products
    (Raw & processed milk products like flavoured milk, buttermilk, Lassi, Ice-cream, Paneer, Ghee, Cheese, Butter etc.)

  •   Sea Foods, Meat & Meat Products
    (Raw & Cooked Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Beef)

  •   Egg & Egg products

  •   Pulses, Cereals, flours, cereal meals, cereal & cakes

  •   Nut and Nut products, Dry fruits, Oilseeds

  •   Honey & Honey based products

  •   Spices, Condiments, Herbs and herbal products
    Masala/ Curry Powders, Pickles, Chutneys, Sauces, Dressings etc

  •   Bakery & confectionary products, Chocolates, Sugar and sugar based confectionary products

  •   Oils and Fats products, Oil cakes and oil meals
    Edible oils like Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil, Pamoline Oil, Sunflower Oil etc

  •   Ready to Eat Food
    Instant Sabjis, Dry powders / pre-mix batters of idly, Wada, Dhokla, Gulabjam etc.

  •   Snacks
    Instant Mixes and Convenience Products, Ready to eat products, all types of Farsan, chips etc

  •   Tea, tea premix, Coffee, Coffee beans, Chocolates and Cocoa Beans, Cocoa products.

  •   Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic beverages

  •   Packaged Foods & Supplements

  •   Animal Feeds

  • Food Testing Parameters:

    Nutritional labelling: Moisture; Ash; Acid insoluble ash; pH; Brix; Total insoluble solids; Protein; Fat content; Carbohydrates; Energy Value; Added Starch; Salt as NaCl; Acidity as acetic acid; Added Sugar

    Heavy Metals - Lead as Pb; Arsenic as As; Mercury as Hg; Cadmium as Cd; Copper as Cu; Zinc as Zn

    Food Adulteration Tests

    Fat/ Oil content


    Fatty Acid - Profile / Rancidity/ Acidity of extracted fat/ Rancidity

    Rancidity as peroxide value

    Physical tests (insect infestation, broken, damaged/ discoloured, shriveled, extraneous matter, stalks, pieces of shells, sugared raisins, Rhodent hair, excreta, Mould affected)

    Sugar; Total solids

    Acidity/ Acidity of cut-out syrup

    Drained weight; Volatile acidity; Sulphur dioxide; Total Phosphates as P2O5; Peroxidase test; Fruit juice content; Added Wax; Fat content

    Milk Fat/ Total fat; Milk Protein/ Total Protein; SNF (Total Solid Not Fat); Titratable Acidity

    Added Starch; Added Sugar; Added Formaldehyde

    Urea; Added Glucose ; Carbonates

    Shrivelled/Shrunken Broken( 2mm sieve); Insect / Weevilled; Damaged; Damaged and Discoloured; Foreign Matter / Admixture; Other Food/ Edible grains; Broken Chalky Red-Streaked Kernels; Pecks; Immature Kernels; Yellow kernels; Paddy; Urease Activity

    Physical tests (Filth, damaged, discoloured, splits, ergots, argemone, live/dead insects, rhodent, hair & excreta contamination, insect fragments, Excreta, visible mould, total defects)

    Food Shelf Life Studies